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No joke this is one of the best newgrounds animations I've ever seen. I love the timing, pacing, vibes, music, backgrounds, and lighting. Seriously - dat lighting. Such awesome colors - and awesome painted backgrounds.

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It's not bad and you certainly have some solid bases to go off of, but there are a few things that take away from the experience. First is the microphone quality. The voices echo too much, some are louder than others, and occasionally air brushes against the microphone. Second are your sound effects. Now I've noticed demos nowadays use music for each character they play. This is for psychological reasons, its merely a trick to confuse the viewers mind into thinking the voice is more dynamic than it actually is. What I enjoy about this case is you use sound effects instead of music. It's more honest of an experience, while keeping the demo entertaining enough for the viewer to stay positive and stick through it. There is a downside though, the quality of your sound effects severely take away from the experience. I'd almost say it makes it lesser than it actually is. I would google for free sound effects, almost any site on the first few pages should be golden.

I understand 1.5 is a low rating, but the quality of the audio is fairly low. It's a bit difficult to sense diversity in the voices you chose too. But, the voices do show uniqueness, and they're not flat in the sense that you aren't putting real emotions in them. I suggest you work on your editing as well. It doesn't have to be god tier but having a more coherent peace won't kill you. Spacing of voices, use of sound effects, and volume control are a must.

I hope you consider what I wrote because you do have a good foundation. I don't mean to be harsh so take my constructive critique with a grain of salt if you must. Everyone has to start off somewhere; and I can defiantly see you still in the game for years to come.

Good luck and keep grinding.

JayMyers responds:

Thanks man. My mic cost £5 from Tesco's, so it's not the greatest haha. And yeah, the sound effects are kind of lame to be honest; I'll definatly go to those free download sites in the future. Thanks for the feedback dude :)

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