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Round II Underway

2017-04-24 14:23:21 by YoyokillaNG

Thanks for checking my page out! Consider these links while you're at it . . .

I have been inactive the last few years, but don't you worry; I've been flexing some creative muscles during this black out period. Hopefully you'll understand what I mean soon enough.

Thanks again!                                                                    



2014-10-28 17:21:04 by YoyokillaNG



2013-02-14 11:31:53 by YoyokillaNG
Updated t-it-in-your-mouth-la

Five years later

2012-11-26 20:35:35 by YoyokillaNG

Costume Party

2012-10-31 20:12:10 by YoyokillaNG

So I animated one of Marc M's songs. Yeah - yeah -yeah. Go WATCH it.

I've been acustomed to making spam in the past and if I ever hope to create cartoons for a living I'd have to break that dirty habit. This was an effort 2 push myself in that direction. Kinda(heh) sux that I barely get a 3 for 3 weeks worth of hard work.

Anyone fittin to help me get my flash on youtube? I can't export it through flash cs3 cause my laptop doesn't have enough memory.

Halloween Flash

2012-10-30 23:51:41 by YoyokillaNG

Expect one to drop in an hour or two. I animated Marc M's (RomeoJr/Sick Animation) song Costume Party. Just in time for your costume party tonight am i right? Its been a long three weeks

Halloween Flash